Psychological Kinesiology

Psych-K for short, is a blend of Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP) and Brain gym. Developed by Rob Williams, It utilizes muscles testing to monitor weakness or strength of different belief statements. Life is experienced through our beliefs. We all have negative and positive beliefs. Some negatives are I’m unlovable, I’m not good enough, I don’t deserve. Psych-K is a simple technology to help rewire the subconscious mind from negative to positive. I help you identify what changes you would like and we create new belief statements. Psych –K is how we install them. Each balance takes 3 to 4 minutes so we usually do 3-4 in a session. These new positive more expanded beliefs start operating subconsciously. This can help with self esteem, creating new habits academically such as doing your homework and handing it in. With ADHD it can help with focus and organization. It helps with relationships, being able to give and receive love. We all need to love and like ourselves on all levels. We usually have parts of us that we don’t like or love. Abundant thinking .Most of us have the abundance we think we deserve by working with this we can experience things we never thought possible. Increased performance or setting limits at work. I help people work more efficiently and sometime cutting back on workaholism. It can also help with health issues. I had a client once who wanted to lose weight. She said I am pretty good with exercise but I am still eating a lot of bad food. We created a new belief statement of “ I only eat nutritious and healthy food” she came in next week surprised because someone offered her a Hagen Das double chocolate bar and she said “no” without thinking because it did not match her new belief. She said I have never turned down an ice cream bar like that in my life.”