No More Mr. Nice Guy

This is a book written by Dr. Robert Glover. It explains the Nice guy syndrome. “Nice Guys are concerned about doing it right and looking good. They are happiest when they are making others happy. Nice Guys avoid conflict like the plague and will go to great lengths to avoid upsetting anyone. In general, Nice guys are peaceful and generous. Nice guys are especially concerned with pleasing women and being different from other men. In a nutshell, Nice Guys believe; if they are good, giving and caring they will be happy, loved and fulfilled. Sound too good to be true? It is. “(from the book). Nice Guys are not nice. They are passive/aggressive. They have anger and resentment which they don’t express. It leads to depression or acting out in unhealthy ways.

In the group we will explore:

1. How to know what you want.

2. How to make your needs a priority

3. How to reclaim your power and masculinity

4. How to create a healthy fulfilling relationship

5. The importance of spending time with men

6. Discover your passion for life and career

7. Live up to your potential

Read the book. If you fit this criteria, I would be glad to work with you.