Family Constellation

Family Constellation work I learned is a combination of what Bert Hellinger learned from the Zulus of South Africa and his experience of 50 years doing this work. This process is done in a Group and works with issues, entanglements and traumas handed down to us through our family lineage. The new science says these are in our DNA. (see Mark Wolynn “It Didn’t Start with You”) We start with one person and the issue they would like to work on. We invoke the quantum field with prayers, inviting ancestors, spirit guides and qualities we would like in the circle such as love, forgiveness, Clarity etc. The facilitator then sets up the constellation having people in the group represent father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, sister or brother whomever is needed. The constellation unfolds and shows us what really happened and what is yet to be resolved. Often there is pain, unspoken words, secrets, shame, guilt, someone no one wants to talk about and many unprocessed experiences that get revealed and released by going into this sacred work. For the Love to descend through the family linage everyone needs a voice and to be included. This modality is one the deepest I have experienced in 38 years of psychology. If you feel the inspired, I encourage you to call me

( 303-485-9041) and experience this profound work or contact me through this site.

I completed a 2 year Family Constellation Training with Jack Blackwell in Boulder Co. from 2011 to 2013. I also completed a four month training with Dr Daniel Foor see


Phil led a constellation for me. A pattern from my grandfather and grandmother was manifesting in my marriage. The last configuration of the constellation catalyzed an extraordinary healing between my grandmother and myself which my wife says caused significant shift in our relationship dynamic. We feel closer, more relaxed and trusting of one another. I would recommend Phil to facilitate your Constellation.

Christopher Macor

Creative Metaphysician

I experienced profound healing via a process called Constellation Work, led my our friend, the gifted therapist Phil Cerdorian. To reconnect with the strong female line on my mother’s side through this healing work felt like something was restored to me, something that had been missing. In my mother’s family there had been both scapegoating and a tendency for women to be passive-aggressive, and sometimes go crazy. Four dear friends, with Phil’s guidance, helped to build a constellation that included “crazy,” “wholeness with the full range of emotions,” my great-grandmother Maybel, and the protector, who began as a prickly wall between “crazy” and “full range of emotions” but wound up circling the three women (who reconciled and supported one another) as a protector of all three, as creativity, as a liaison with the outside world.

I felt profound emotional and physical release as I watched the healing these characters were able to undergo. My great-grandmother’s presence and support restored the connections, the strength, the power of my female line.

I realized that crazy is a form of self-protection that happens when the sensitive have no voice or tools for how to express all the madness happening all around us. I realized also that, by not being able to fully accept the aspect of me that went mad as a young woman, I’ve not been able to fully love myself, and so in turn, my daughter. Whatever lies within us, unowned, we are likely to project onto our own children. That’s where the scapegoating begins.

I am grateful to this deep work, to those friends willing to represent aspects of me and my family, and to Phil Cerdorian for helping me heal in deep ways that wouldn’t have been accessible any other way.

I even got to “meet” my great-grandmother Maybel!

~Sara Wright

Sara Wright