Eye-movement Desensitization Re-programming is a body centered psychotherapy and has been around for 30 years to treat traumas large and small. From PTSD, relationship breakups, all types of abuse, too harsh words from a parent or teacher that helped form a negative self concept. EMDR is highly effective in processing complex and simple traumas or any experience that is not fully processed. These traumas are stuck in your nervous system and you can’t think your way out of them. With a skilled therapist you can re-experience them, feel the pain and be free of negative subconscious programming and improve your quality of life. I have been utilizing this technique for over 16 years and thousands of sessions. 99% of my clients have benefited from this wonderful tool and experienced a better understanding of themselves and life. When you feel your pain, process fully, past experiences, mental clarity dawns. Your perception and behavior in life changes.